Hi, I'm Anthony

Hey there, I’m Anthony. I’m an Electrical and Computer Engineering student studying at Oregon State University. I am available for part-time and project based position. You can hire me with a click on the button below.

I am a...

Web Developer

App Developer

Electrical Engineer


Featured Projects

  • Optimized loading time by 16% with lazy loading
  • Designed a product template to maximized conversion
  • Created Call-to-Action section with 300 clicks per day
  • Enabled client to customise template with minimum coding skill
  • Established DNS connection to wholesale site with GoDaddy Pro
  • Initialized Shopify wholesale store
  • Resolved HTTP error caused by client misconfiguration
  • Assisted in increasing sales volume by 10% through wholesale
  • Create localization sites with Shopify Plus
  • DNS subdomain connection with automatic redirect on IP geolocation
  • Currency conversion with geolocation equipped
  • Location specific contents using Shopify Plus Expansion Store

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I am available for part-time and project based position.