Ah Fine

By Anthony Kung
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Ah Fine

So it turns out that building the whole page on demand makes the whole thing super slow to the point where Google would yell at you. And since I'm also constantly making changes and git pulling all the time there is no point for me to create posts after build. And the efficiency of rebuilding for every request is not worth the effort.

So yes, I've moved back to Vercel, since it provides a better delivery (it's super fast) plus it has better analytics and gives a great Google score. Google happy, me site happy, and me happy too. No yelling anymore 😎

In short, it is totally possible to rebuild the whole site on demand, which in turn allows post-build content creation. But the efficiency of rebuilding for every request is not worth the effort. I won't wanna trade a small inconvenience for a drastic decline in performance. That's just crazy, nobody in their right mind would sacrifice the performance of the site for the sake of content creation.

But the drawback is that I have to manually create folders, front matter (especially the timestamp who da heck would know what's the current time in milliseconds bah 🤷), and worst of all, I can't use Grammarly to check my spelling and grammar errors (yes I still couldn't spell correctly half the time 😳). It's such an annoyance T-T but then again, if I'm gonna use a proper CMS this won't be a problem, or if I build the whole thing with MERN it won't be a problem as well, hmmm, maybe I would someday. The good thing about this is that I can simply keep everything and just create an Express server, make some React templates, change the auth flow, and render my Markdown files with React. Super simply, like a bait and switch technique used by SSD companies 😎.

Stay Tuned

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