First Post!

By Anthony Kung
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First Post!

Hello everyone! So you've probably know that this is supposed to be a secret blog where nobody would be seeing it, but since I didn't try to hide it from the internet, people like you can still find it. So you probably gotten the warning about if you're my employers, current, past or future, or any other tech company recruiters, this is NOT the blog you should be seeing. But if you are not one of them then feel free to look around, if you want to that is, stuff going on here are pretty boring.

So why do I created this blog? Well, I wanted a place to rant, log project progress, and post random stuff. So here it is, a super simple extremely ugly blog that nobody should see.

Yup, just a random blog for me to blob about. Yes, it includes some progress logs on my projects. No, there isn't any secret here, stuff here are public so no secrets.

Though I am planning to make some money from stuff so probably spam a heck ton on GitHub sponsors here.

Stay Tuned

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