Volunteer Experience

American Red Cross

I am a volunteer at American Red Cross Biomedical Services. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my role is usually just to screen donors before letting them in. I took their temperatures, make sure they have a mask, if not get them one, and make sure they have completed the RapidPass, then repeat the process until the end of my shift. I like it better than the usual job of registering the donors on a computer and give them a name tag, this is more fun. I was going to deliver blood to Portland too, but they have an age limit for drivers so I have to wait a few more years.

Oregon Food Bank

The Eugene Catholic Community Services are part of the Oregon Food Bank program that provide free food for whoever needs them. I ended up here because Red Cross was asking for people to help them. My job is simply just pack up bags and bags of food for people to take. I move very fast, and I kind of make a lot of bags at once. I can make 2 big bags at once and 4 small bags at once, kind of efficient.

Corvallis High School

I am a tutoring volunteer at Corvallis High School. I tutor all sciences (physic, chemistry, and biology) and some math. Since there aren’t any AP programs for computer science, I didn’t get to tutor that which is kind of sad. And since I am a medical professional (SOLO certified WFR, BLS certified and NREMT student), I did make myself available for Anatomy and Physiology tutoring, but I haven’t gotten any request for it…

Ps: There isn’t a photo available since we’re doing it remotely nowadays.

Oregon State University

There is this one time that I helped with a graduate research team at Oregon State University to build a web application using Django. I don’t suppose it was a fun experience, as everyone knows, building any kind of application takes time and effort which is not exactly worth volunteering for. Volunteering supposes to benefit the community, and I don’t suppose this benefits the community in any way. This is the only time that I make a web application for free and I don’t suppose I will do it again, the time and effort are just too much for free work. If they use a CMS I would understand but they want to build it from scratch with only a framework, it’s a bit too much don’t you think?

Coming to...

The End, For Now

This is about it, there are a few other volunteering experiences like career fair and others, but you get the idea here. I will update this page if anything changes, but that’s it for now.

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