Learn About Me As A Lone Ranger

Most Impressive Project By Me And Me Alone

If you look closely, this shows the total number of lines of code in SCMS, a web application that I have built. That counts to over 2 million lines of code, that got to be something. Granted some of them are third-party packages but still, it is an impressive amount of code that have awe my professor. This includes codes for Microsoft Azure APIs used for image processing and Google APIs used for geolocationing.

Just to make it easier for you to visualize

Numbers For This Project

Lines of code
Cups Of Coffee

In Short...

I can handle a huge project all by myself and get it done efficiently. Wrote a ton of codes in a short amount of time with the help of some coffee. But I would rather not do it as being alone is, well, lonely. I would prefer to work with a team, I requested to work by myself is just to gauge my ability, it turns out that I’m fine on my own, in fact, I am the only one in class that completed the project alone. But it does feels bad, having nobody else to talk to, to socialize with, to have fun with… and all that can be done with a team.

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