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I am Chih-Hao Kung

Hey there, I’m Chih-Hao Kung. I’m an Electrical and Computer Engineering student studying at Oregon State University. That means I am good at softwares and hardwares. I have experience in web development, app development, progressive web app development, server development and more.

Chih-Hao Kung

Hello, I am Chih-Hao Kung, most commonly known as Anthony Kung. Chih-Hao is my legal name, it is in Chinese (龔致豪) which makes it difficult for people to pronounce it let alone remember it. So I go with Anthony, this name has been given by my parents since I can remember. And if you are wondering, the dash “-” in the middle is required, it is to connect the two Chinese characters into one first name. Yes, that means I don’t have a middle name, and so does everybody else that I know.

If you see this name on some formal papers such as certificates, licenses and so on, don’t be confused, it’s the same person, me. Since it’s the legal name this is the name that I have to use on formal occasion, such as tax forms. But rest assured Anthony Kung == Chih-Hao Kung, they’re both my name.

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